Best Women Cycling Clothing

Best Women Cycling Clothing

If you are a woman and face the problem of finding the proper cycling clothing specially designed for females, this blog is for you.

Our women's cycling clothing is specially designed to suit their body shape and size. For instance, women cycling top has a 'feminine cut' where the waist is cut in, and the chest is broader to enable a comfortable fit. Bib shorts also have different layout pads for both men and women.

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Here is a quick view that how women’s cycling clothing is different from men’s.

Difference between Men’s and Women’s Cycling Clothing

Here are some parameters that highlight the difference between men’s and women’s cycling clothing:

  • Different Cut - Both the male and female cycling apparel has a different cut. In general, women's clothing has a feminine cut – cut in at the waist and out at the chest.
  • Different Sizing - Men's cycling clothing usually comes in men's size and women's in women sizing. For women, it may be UK dress sizes (12, 14, 16) or European sizes (28, 30, 34).
  • Different Chamois Pads - Chamois pads have the most critical physiological differences, specifically when it comes to cycling. Male and females both have different structures which require padding and support in other places. Chamois pads provide support and cushioning effect where needed.

We have a Wide variety of Women's Cycling Clothing

With time, Montella has designed the most comprehensive collection of women's cycling apparel with different themes. No matter which theme you choose, all the products are always high quality, light, and breathable in the harsh sun. One can choose from the following themes specially designed for women's cycling clothing:

Retro Striped Theme

At Montella, we have introduced a Retro stripped theme for women's cycling jerseys. These new generation cycling jerseys for women are constructed from high-quality fabric that fits even the most demanding cyclists' needs.

You can see many stripes in our collection because we associate our styles with timeless retro jerseys. They offer Dry quick technology that removes the moisture away from your skin and helps to control your body temperature, while mesh side panels increase breathability and ventilation.

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Bright Colors Theme

Another theme in our women's cycling clothing is the Bright Colors theme. We want our riders to be visible on the track when they ride. Our bright colors theme offers shiny bright colors that stand out among all the jerseys.

If you're looking for something slightly distinct from the normal, then Montella's Bright theme women's cycling is for you.

These bright color theme jerseys blend soft fabric and performance fabrics designed to work with you to improve your comfort on the bike. Our customers love all the bright colors that make them feel confident while riding.

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Floral Theme

At Montella, we design garments that offer reasonable prices. A fully sustainable production line benefits the environment by limiting production and transport emissions.

We offer fresh color to women who love flowers and leafy green backgrounds in the floral theme. These make them stand out from all the dull and traditional jerseys in their wardrobes. This makes Montella different from all the other brands in the women's cycling apparel industry.

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Bestselling Women's Cycling Clothing

Among all the women's cycling clothing, here is our bestselling women's cycling clothing from our vast collection:

1. Classic Black Shorts and Bibs

Our classic black shorts and bibs are a bestseller in women's cycling clothing. They are super comfortable and provide maximum freedom of movement. They cushion the rider's muscles and aid blood circulation. Riders do not need to tug at the leg to keep in a place consistently.

They are padded with varying silica gel sizes to keep riders safely sited on the most uncomfortable bicycle seats while even riding through rough terrains. With our cycling shorts for women, you can ride like the queen you are – confident and comfortable.

2. Women’s Black Classy Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Women’s Long Sleeve Jersey is the second place of bestselling women's cycling clothing. These long sleeves cycling jersey gives better regulation over the body when the weather starts getting colder. These are non-thermal jerseys made from lightweight polyester that is a great option for 10-15 degrees Celsius. It evaporates moisture and protects you from the cold wind.

3. Women’s Pink Striped Long Sleeves Cycling Jersey

Like Montella's short sleeve jersey, women's pink striped long sleeves jersey provides the same comfort, breathability, and performance.

This thermal fleece-lined jersey is the best fit for you. It blocks out Icy winds and keeps you warm even on the coldest rides. The perfect temperatures are as low as 3 degrees Celsius — still moisture-wicking.

4. Tie-Dye Unique Women's Cycling Jersey and Shorts

Tie-dye unique women's cycling jersey and shorts are the fourth places of bestselling women's cycling clothing. This special tie-dye kit has everything you need to stay safe, comfortable, and on top of your game. The short sleeve Jersey for women specially cut out of Italy's finest polyester is your surest bet to stay dry and non-slippery in summer.


Montella creates high-performance women’s cycling apparel for riders who put in serious miles. The clothing feels like nothing you’ve tried before because it is designed to boost your confidence. You don't have to worry about the size and patterns. Montella's women theme cycling clothing is here to ace your riding experience with a fantastic fit.

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