Best 6 Retro Cycling Jerseys of All Time

Best 6 Retro Cycling Jerseys of All Time

Over the years, cycling jerseys have made their mark in our history books. Some made it for their significance, some for their amazing looks, and some for their not so amazing looks. At Montella Cycling, we’ve decided to bring back the hard hitters, and leave behind what should stay in the past.


1. Retro 1985 La Vie Claire Cycling

La Vie Claire’s 1985 Jersey was one to remember. At the top of our list, this wearable piece of art inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian’s “Composition en rouge, jaune et bleu”, this memorable cycling jersey was worn to win the Tour de France in the ‘80s twice by Bernard Hinault and the legendary Greg Lemond.

2. Retro Molteni Arcore Retro Cycling Jersey

The Molteni Arcore jersey was worn on the back of the legendary Eddy Merckx during his hour record with an average speed of 49.431 km/h in 1972. This is a highly accurate replica, which captures the amazing, unique jersey design of the 70s, and also holds very significant meaning. Along with the hour record, Merckx also won the Tour de France & Giro 3 times with the Molteni team that was based in Arcore, near Milan, in Italy.

3. Brooklyn Retro Long Sleeve

This retro long sleeve was brought to the eye of media by riders such as Roger De Vlaeminck back in the 1970s, who was the four-time winner of Paris-Roubaix. Roger De Vlaeminck was known for his cycling control when riding over the cobbles. We have no doubt that this jersey had a spot in our top 5 list.

4. Retro St Raphael Quinquina Geminiani

Saint-Raphaël was a French professional cycling team that existed from 1954 to 1964. Jacques Anquetil raced for Saint-Raphaël, and he was the first man to win Le Tour de France 5 times. The contrasting designs of the jersey, along with the team’s history, really spoke to us as a retro jersey to bring back.

5. Retro Peugeot Michelin Long-Sleeve

Peugot-Michelin was one of the most dominant teams of the decade in the 1960s. Two of the main riders on the team were Eddy Merckx, André Bayssiere, who helped bring many titles to the team. This distinct jersey is one that many cycling fans may recognize.

6. Retro TI Raleigh Campagnolo

TI–Raleigh was a Dutch professional track cycling and road bicycle racing team between 1972 and 1983. The team had a few European Championship wins, along with some very notable Tour de France stage wins, and was home to some very dominant riders in the sport such as Jon Raas and Joop Zotemelk.


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