About Us

Welcome to Montella Cycling! 

To perform your best on the road, you need to have high-quality clothing and gear. You have lots of options, but not every company provides the same value products and size chart up to 6XL. While there are many brands available on the market today, many cyclists are turning to Montella Cycling.

Lead by a couple of Italian-American cyclists, Montella’s innovative approach to cycling gear is bringing superior performance at some of the best prices in the industry.

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Our Business Ethos:

Reducing Prices for Our Customers

Early on, we made the decision to keep our business 100% online - so we could pass on our savings to our customers. We all know the pain of spending €150 on a jersey in a retail store. Operating solely online enables us to cut out the costs of the middle man, shop rent, warehousing and transportation. Meaning our products price between just €30-€60!

Sustainable Production

We have a fully sustainable production line that benefits the environment, from limiting production and transport emissions, to reducing thrown away stock. Our streamlined, environmentally friendly production line means your jerseys and shorts are made to order, in a turn around time of only 3-5 days. The fastest in the industry.

Stylish and Cheerful Design

Our love of cycling comes from the warm and happy moments that happen during and after a great ride. We work to emulate this feeling in our designs, offering our customers unique, bright, happy and novel cycling wear you won’t find anywhere else. When you look through our products you'll find retro Italian styles mixed with modern international flavour.

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High Quality for Performance and Durability

Cycling is a tough sport, so you need the best cycling wear to help enhance your performance. One of our top priorities is searching for ways to upgrade our products. Recently we upgraded our classing cycling jersey to include long-weave polyester - known for its light weight 140 GSM mesh, soft texture and moisture wicking properties.

Speedy Delivery via our Exclusive Suppliers Network

We pride ourselves on our proven track record of fast production and delivery. Custom made items are available within our factories between a 3-5 interval - in line with our competitors who have warehouses of stock sitting around. We’ve also pushed ourselves to improve our delivery times, with our bestselling accessories located in the US, Europe and Asia.


If you want to find out more:

Call us: +1 407-479-8727

Email us: info@montella-cycling.com