The Ultimate Guide To Women's Cycling Wear Collection

The Ultimate Guide To Women's Cycling Wear Collection

Choosing between style and comfort should never be an option. Ladies, you deserve the best chic cycling gear for those long biking rides!

Montella offers a diverse selection of the most comfortable and stylish cycling clothing for women. From women’s cycling jerseys, bibs, and women’s cycling shorts, we’ve got it all!

Over the time we have designed probably the widest collection of women’s cycling wear collection. With everyone’s eyes on your stylish outfit, you can exercise to your heart’s content without worrying about looking your best. Our women’s designs range from the classic leopard print to a vintage feminist-style ‘Rosie the Riveter’ cycling jersey. No matter what you choose, Montella’s women’s products are always high quality, light, and breathable in the harsh sun. You can choose from both unique and funny women’s cycling jerseys or go with more simple but stylish cycling clothing. We have it all pink, retro, dotted cycling jerseys for women. Check our latest women's cycling wear collection.


Breathable, Chic, Comfortable


With us, you’ll never have to compromise on comfort for style. All our jerseys have modern designs and are constructed from high-quality polyester with sizes that feel custom-tailored to fit the needs of even the most intense cyclists.


The carefully chosen fabrics allow for a 4-way stretch which keeps our jerseys lightweight and breathable, with adequate protection from the sun and other harsh elements. They are soft, comfortable, affordable, and set a high standard in performance.


Designed specifically for Women's silhouette

All women jerseys are made with women body mapped silhouette, so will act as second skin during your ride. Especially we are proud of the cycling short for women, because of perfected feminine shapes. Our women's cycling shorts are are made from 4 way stretch elastic polyester and improved gel pads for comfort. Choose between cycling bibs, shorts or pants available in our wide women's cycling shorts collection.



The Right Fit Delivered Fast


Getting the right size of clothing is especially important for sports gear. In case you are doubtful about the fit, simply refer to the handy women’s size chart available on our website to determine the right clothing size for you!

Style Made Cost-Effective
Operating 100% online allows Montella to cut costs on shop rent, warehousing, and transportation, meaning customers like you can snag the cheapest price possible! Additionally, all our clothing is made in a sustainable fashion and will help you enhance your performance with its soft texture and moisture-wicking properties.


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